Although you can see my current web projects here, I’m going to give you guys some low down on the histories and current developments of these projects. First off: is probably my longest running project to date. Still very young though. It is a blog that me and me twin brother Simon started in April 2009. We wanted to try our hands at group blogging our music interests and then some other random things. It didn’t work out as Simon is not as an avid blogger as I am. I’ve basically have written all 140 or so odd posts on the site. It has evolved from music to something I barely don’t know what it is.

Current State

I describe the blog now as post-modern/ironic super dry humour blog with a touch of cool music. Basically how my personality is. One post for example, when the iPhone 4 was leaked, I posted that I wouldn’t buy it, because it was merely a mirror, taking the literalness to the next extreme, due to the version that Gizmodo leaked was “broken” and couldn’t switch on.

Sometimes I think the blog blows over people’s heads due to the super dry literalness of it.

Absurdity of it all

Alas, serves as an escape for my wild imagination. One of the most popular posts on the site is 10 very obscure things to like on Facebook. At first I did it purely as a joke. You know, for the lulz, as they say. It however got picked up in Google and its getting hits like crazy. I still laugh to this day, at how silly people are to like those pages. And yet people do.

I tried entering the SA Blog Awards for a nomination for Best New Blog. I, however did not get any. This hasn’t bummed me out whatsoever. I guess it would’ve made me too famous (said Niel tongue-in-cheek).

I like to humiliate the art of blogging. It’s fun, but shouldn’t be taken too seriously. That what I guess what is for. Just nonense. Just utter nonsense.


It however is the site that pulls in the most pageviews from all my projects. About 20, 000 pageviews a month. This is due to some strong Google presence. It has PR2 and about 25% of the traffic comes from organic search. I recently tried monetizing it a bit. One can but dream. So I signed up for Project Wonderful. So let’s see how it goes.

If you like the absurd humour and just the general “whut?” of then subscribe to the RSS. I’ll probably be blogging there for some time to come.

Stay tuned for more info on my other web projects.