Apart from Social Mandarin, I’ve got another Chinese project called Confused Laowai. Laowai is a term for a foreigner in China. I started this personal blog in January 2010 as a way to post about my progress as I go through my studies in Mandarin and my Mandarin journey. Confused Laowai has been a very interesting project experience.


To me, Confused Laowai, is the closest I’ve come to a proper blog/reader relationship. Yes, Twindie.net has more readers and more hits, but Confused Laowai has more engagement. I feel like I have a proper community that follows my blog. This has been really good.


The blog has grown slowly in the start. I posted comments on numerous similar blogs by Mandarin learners and created a Twitter account that focuses on my Mandarin learning missions. I have also posted most of my blog posts on Social Mandarin and have posted one or two posts on Hao Hao Report which got me nice hits and readers in the process.

The Future

As long as I study Mandarin, this blog will be alive. Which will probably be quite a long time. It will only grow and I feel that I can create an even better blog/reader relationship, learning a lot in the process. I intend to do a bit more video blog posts too. It has gained PR2 in a very short while and is getting hits from Google from a wide range of search terms, probably the most of all my web projects. It doesn’t get the most search hits, but definitely the widest!

So, if you are interested in reading more on my Mandarin learning expeditions head on over or grab the RSS feed.