Yeah, so about a month ago, I went viral when I uploaded and posted a video on reddit. Video is below:

The response to it was just crazy. I thought some people might get a kick out of it, but not to the extent that it got the top link on reddit for 13 Feb with over 1900 net upvotes. The video now has about 430,000 views. I made this contraption, because I was bored with beating Quake on the hardest difficulty and wanted something different. I only uploaded it now, because I discovered my old phone’s memory card at that time.

That night when it hit the top spot on reddit’s frontpage I was blown away. This is what redditors and web loving geek dreams of. We celebrated at my flat with my flatmates with a few shots just for kicks. I had to go to sleep though. The next morning I was hit with a truckload of emails from Youtube comments. The video truly went viral. It got almost 200, 000 views in two days. It got posted on Crunchgear and a host of other sites as well.

I always wanted to see how it feels to be on the other end of going viral. And now I experienced it first hand. It is interesting. The Youtube comments as always are a blast to read. A few suggested ad deals for my video, but I declined. I was not in the position to make money of the vid for a bit of ad views/clicks. I got my few minutes of Internet fame and it was interesting. Maybe in the future some might re-post this and it will get a few more views again, but the height of the viral spread has almost completely halted.

The strangest thing was trying to explain to friends that I went viral by taping my mouse to my keyboard with masking tape. I remember my girlfriend trying to do the same, trying to explain to her friends what I had done. In the end, linking to the video was the best thing to do. Another odd thing was a realization that two different worlds were aware of my brief Internet fame. I would walk to class and it hit me that hundreds of people were probably watching my video as I walked.

Now it has over 400, 000 views and that is an immense number to comprehend. Yet, here I still sit, no-one really knows me. No-one actually really cares. Yet I was seen playing Quake by thousands of people.