In my spare time, I sometimes dabble in writing songs. I have been writing music since primary school. Of course it sucked back then. Lately, I’m a lot into electronic music production. Mostly because it doesn’t need a big studio setup, which I can’t afford at present. I can make music club-filling music in the comfort of my little study. I seldom finish tunes, mostly because I get frustrated with progression, or I get hit by a perfection bias. However, when I finish them, I think they’re quite nifty.

A current project is called Rouviere. This is purely an electronic music project at the moment. Mostly dance genres, ranging from dubstep to electro house. However, Rouviere, is an umbrella project for music Simon (my twin brother) and I create. Sometimes, I do a whole song on my own. Other times we collab together. It’s mainly just a release for electronic music that doesn’t have a place for its own.

I just finished a song a few weeks ago. Have a listen!

The Souncloud Page has more tunes. Happy listening!