In between waiting for replies from my supervisor I work on little projects. dotJunky is my next one. I trade domain names in my spare time. It’s like a treasure hunt for me and I make a bit of money on the side. It’s fun!

I’ve acquired some cool domains since I started domain trading. Some of them could work really well for startups, apps or brands. This is where dotJunky fits in. I sell these awesome domains straight to the entrepreneurs. It’s a tiny marketplace for these domains.

It is written in Node.js using Masonry, Bootstrap and jQuery. I learned quite a bit creating this, especially email handling. Quite easy with the right modules, but I haven’t done this before.

The front-end is written manually at this point, but if dotJunky proves to be popular among startups, I’ll think of creating an admin backend for myself to handle things better.

So, if you are an entrepreneur and need inspiration and/or a name for your new startup, dotJunky is for you!