Buffer is a tool to share content on social networks. It schedules your tweets (or Facebook posts) and automatically posts it according to a preset schedule. It makes content curation a breeze. Check the short explainer vid below

Most of my projects, like Social Mandarin (and soon Polyglot Link) rely on content curation and sharing articles on social networks. Recently I’ve been using Buffer a lot more actively. If you ever need a tool, at only a cheap $10 a month price tag, to help “become awesome” then go right ahead.

However, this post is not about how simple Buffer is, but about how I’ve grown to have a professional crush to become a massive fan of the team running Buffer and how they do their marketing.

They have the Buffer blog, along with Joel and Leo (two of the three co-founders) who write incredibly insightful blogs. They blog about startups, running a company and have now expanded into general lifehacks and awesome tips.

Just go have a look at the lessons learned running a startup by Joel. There’s a massive treasure chest of information.

Buffer to me, is not just about the service itself, but following these guys running a startup and handling life. It’s amazing how being vocal for a startup has completely changed my perception of the product and the people behind it. At dinners or chatting with friends, if the conversation goes to business or future plans or the Internet, I often find myself mentioning how I find Buffer to be incredibly inspiring.

Perhaps I see myself in them.

I truly urge you listen to this podcast with Leo, the marketing manager, on how they got Buffer to where it is today. Sometimes all it takes it just lots of hard work and lots of blog posts. Fascinating.

And you know what, perhaps they’ve gotten another customer or two through this blog post, but that’s exactly what they’ve wanted. That’s why I think what they do is genius. Why can’t more startups be this vocal?