Since my girlfriend and I recently moved to Taiwan (check my post on Confused Laowai for more info), Simon (my twin brother) and I wanted to keep in touch, especially our spontaneous tech discussions. We’re both interested in tech and 21st century trends and always manage to find interesting topics to talk about.

We’ve decided to have Google hangouts and then record them so other people can share in our interests. Twin Tech Talk is born. But there’s an interesting twist to keep our discussions spontaneous: we each pick a topic before recording, but we don’t tell the other one what it is. This way, the conversation is fresh and not rehearsed.

We just filmed our pilot this weekend: we discuss Kickstarter in 2012 and the Ouya (the upcoming Android console).

What do you think? We had some problems with sound (especially Simon’s, that why he sounds so distant), but we know how to fix it for episode one. We initially wanted to choose two topics each, but as you can see, one topic each is long enough.

Any suggestions? Do you like it?